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Compost and Mulch - How are they Different?

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Start your own backyard composting project!

What You Need

  • Shovel or Hoe
  • Water
  • Shade
  • Green Material: grass, fruit and vegetables,etc.
  • Brown Material: dead leaves, cardboard, small wood chips

Identify a Location

  • Decide if you want an open pile or a bin
  • Find a convenient location with well-drained soil
  • Avoid placing the pile against wooden structures because the compost will contribute to wood rot

Compost Pile or Compost Bin

Compost Pile verses bin

Do Not Put In Compost

  • Pet Waste
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Grease


  • Add Material; green and brown material in layers
  • Add Water; Keep your compost moist but not wet.
  • Aerate compost; use a shovel or hoe to turn your compost every  2 - 4 weeks
When the compost is dark and the food scraps are gone, your compost is ready to use! Add it to your lawn, garden and indoor plants!

Compost Ready to Use

Compost is Ready

Maggots in the Compost

Maggots in the Compost

Keep Insects and Animals Out of the Compost

  • Turn compost at least once per week
  • Animals are less attracted to brown materials, so keep adding them in!
  • NO pet waste, meat, dairy, grease or seasonings
  • Keep compost away from wild animal food sources such as trees with fruit/berries, bird feeders and pet food bowls
  • Line compost bin/pile with wire mesh