Truck Routes

The California Vehicle Code, Section 35701 grants local agencies the authority (by ordinance (PDF)) to establish Truck Routes. Chapter 94, Article III, Division 4 – Truck Routes of the Citrus Heights Municipal Code details City of Citrus Heights truck routes. The Truck Route Map (PDF) on this page details the approved routes. 

Weight: The maximum overall weight limit is 80,000 pounds. The California Vehicle Code (CVC) 35550 - 35558 also specifies maximum axle weight limits as well. Generally, the maximum allowable weights are 20,000 pounds on single axles and 34,000 pounds on tandem axles equipped with the proper tire weight capacity ratings. See Caltrans Summarized Truck Weight Limits

What are STAA Truck Routes? The Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) of 1982 allows large trucks to operate on the Interstate and certain primary routes called collectively the National Network. These trucks, referred to as STAA trucks, are longer than California legal trucks. As a result, STAA trucks have a larger turning radius than most local roads can accommodate.

What is the Problem?

Operating STAA trucks on roads other than the designated routes can lead to a compromise of traffic safety resulting in property damage (wheel off-tracking onto curbs, planters, sidewalks, etc) or traffic accidents (trapping vehicles in adjacent lanes, crossing into oncoming traffic lanes, etc.). 

How can this be corrected? To minimize potential property damage and/or traffic accidents due to wheel off-tracking, Citrus Heights has designated STAA Truck Routes on county roads that can accommodate large trucks. These routes are identified with STAA guide signs posted along the roadway.
How is a route evaluated? Each route is evaluated using an engineering analysis that focuses on safety concerns related to a characteristic of these longer combination vehicles referred to as "off-tracking". "Off-tracking" is a condition of a turning movement where the rear tires follow a shorter tracking path than the front tires. This off-tracking, which is the primary safety concern, may cause the rear wheels to go onto sidewalks, knock down signs or signals, encroach onto shoulders, bike paths, walkways, or cross into the opposing/adjacent lane.
For more information on current Citrus Heights STAA Truck Routes or to apply for an STAA route please contact the General Services Department – Traffic Engineering at 6360 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621, via phone at 916-727-4770, or via email at General Services