Community Engagement

The Economic Development & Community Engagement Department was established in July 2022 to create resources and programming that increase community connection in Citrus Heights.

Our Community Engagement Program will support neighborhood groups to strengthen the relationship between the City of Citrus Heights and its residents. This program utilizes and supports existing community networks like Neighborhood Associations and Connect Citrus Heights networks and creates consistent citywide outreach to increase engagement. 

No two neighborhoods are alike, which is why Citrus Heights community engagement is tailored to fit the needs of each neighborhood. Some neighborhood associations and groups want to meet frequently, while others prefer to host events annually or semi-annually. Members of each neighborhood association or group determine their goals and objectives, including how often they meet and what they want to accomplish; city staff works with them to provide communications and programming that supports their needs and desires. With increased engagement and participation, potential neighborhood collaborations could include block parties, community clean-ups and CPTED, volunteer days, community gardens, Trunk or Treats, movie night events, mini-neighborhood holiday parades, and best of all, neighbors getting to know their neighbors!

This initiative will provide the opportunity to: 

  1. Identify several strong leaders within neighborhoods/communities.
  2. Develop engagement strategies for those individuals to come together.
  3. Identify strengths and skills within those individuals.
  4. Build relationships – residents know and trust each other.
  5. Assist in identifying hopes and dreams for a better neighborhood.
  6. Identify projects to achieve hopes and dreams.