POP Unit

Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP)

The Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) is dedicated to proactively solving issues in the community through innovative and strategic policing methods. The Citrus Heights POP Unit is comprised of police officers, code enforcement officers, and civilian staff who are specially trained to resolve criminal activity, quality of life and general nuisance issues throughout the city.

POP Officers

One of the key functions of POP is to work with and empower citizens of our community to recognize, identify, and assist in the resolution of problems and problem locations within the community. The POP team meets on a daily basis with citizens and a variety of city departments including: Police, Finance, City Council, Building, Public Works, and the Chamber of Commerce. The POP team also works closely with the Fire Department and the City Attorney's Office. Working together with these departments and citizens, the POP team has been successful in improving the quality of life of those in Citrus Heights.

Community Groups

POP officers also work with community groups such as Business Watch, Neighborhood Associations, and Neighborhood Watch groups to impact crime in their areas of concern.

Panhandling Ordinance

Recently, the POP team was instrumental in drafting the city's new panhandling ordinance. POP officers worked with business owners, community groups, and homeless persons to provide an ordinance that preserved the rights of the community to quietly enjoy businesses and services in the city, without infringing on the constitutional rights of the homeless to seek assistance.

If you would like to contact a POP officer in your area feel free to email.