Residential Recycling and Garbage Collection

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The City of Citrus Heights is contracted with Republic Services for residential garbage, recycling, and organic waste collection services.

You can contact them at 916-725-9060 or visit their website at

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      Collection Schedule

  • Your organic waste cart will be serviced weekly on the same day as the garbage service
  • Recycling will still be collected every other week (Week A or Week B)
  • You can find out your schedule by clicking here:  collection schedule

2023 back calendar

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Service Rates

Republic Services provides Citrus Heights residents with three carts: one garbage, one recycling and one organic waste. Residents have a choice of a 32-gallon, 64 gallon or 96-gallon garbage cart. Your fees are determined by the size of your garbage cart only. The standard organic waste and recycling carts are 96 gallons, but a resident may request smaller carts. This will not change the fees charged by Republic Services. 

2023 Rates
32-gallon cart64-gallon cart96-gallon cart
Additional CartsSize/Type of CartAdditional Monthly Cost
1st Extra 32-gallon Garbage$9.72
1st Extra64-gallon Garbage$11.71
1st Extra96-gallon Garbage$15.43
1st Extra96-gallon Recycling$0
2nd Extra 96-gallon Recycling $3.12
1st Extra 96-gallon Organics Waste$14.49

Garbage Collection Service is Mandatory

The City of Citrus Heights has an ordinance that states garbage collection service is mandatory for all homes and buildings. This ordinance is typical in most cities and counties throughout the country. Mandatory garbage collection preserves public health and safety and enhances the community.


Property owners can apply for a temporary exemption of garbage and recycling service due to an extended absence from the residence. 

The application form and instructions can be found here: Temporary Exemption Form

Garbage service exemptions are NOT to be used for properties on the market for sale, or for rental properties.

For more information, please contact the General Services Department at 916-727-4770 or by email .