General Plan

About the Plan

Welcome to the City of Citrus Heights General Plan page. The General Plan is the most important policy and planning document in the city and is used by virtually every department. The General Plan is the city's statement of its vision for the future.

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As a recently incorporated city entering its 2nd decade, Citrus Heights is in a position to define and pursue a locally-defined vision for the community. The General Plan establishes the planning and policy framework that articulates this and guides development for the next 15-20 years.

Topics Addressed

Citrus Heights' General Plan address the 7 topics mandated by state law:

  • Circulation
  • Conservation
  • Housing
  • Land use
  • Noise
  • Open space
  • Safety

Updated Plan

In August 2011, the city adopted an updated General Plan and Environmental Impact Report that addressed sustainability topics such as climate change, water quality, mobility, and complete streets. The 2011 update also included a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.

General Plan Documents

Learn more about the following parts of the General Plan: