Permit by Fax Program

About the Program
As a convenience to licensed contractors, certain types of permits are available by fax. Once the building official has given authorization for you to participate in the program, we will process your application(s) and mail your completed permits to you.

Types of Permits Available by Fax
Exception: New installations or re-roofing, including overlays, with materials having a total combined weight exceeding 3.5 pounds per square foot must be applied for in person.

Water Heaters
Exception: Relocation of water heaters must be applied for in person.

Exception: Relocation, new cut-in, roof mounted or increase in unit size, British Thermal Units (BTUs) or weight, must be applied for in person.

Sewer Lines
Exception: Relocation or new connections must be applied for in person.

Water Lines
Exception: Relocation or new connections must be applied for in person.

Electrical Service Panel & Disconnect Replacement
Exception: Relocation or increase in service panel or disconnect size must be applied for in person.

Application Procedure
Submit your notarized Fax Enrollment Application (PDF). Licensed contractors must provide proof of active state license and worker's compensation.

Once you are approved for the Fax Permit Program, complete a Building Permit Application (PDF). Applications that are not legible, or which are missing necessary information will not be processed. Please fax your application to the Citrus Heights Building and Safety Division at 916-725-5799. 

Your application will be processed and mailed to you along with the job card and any other applicable handouts. You may begin work and have a next-day inspection once you have received a copy of your permit. City regulations prohibit you from commencing work before you have obtained your permit and job card.

Privacy & Safety Policy
Citrus Heights assures that your name and credit card information will be kept confidential and will not be used for advertisement purposes or mail distribution listings. Please refer to the city's Privacy and Safety Policy (PDF) for further information.