New Sylvan Project

The 120 listing day period for potential developer offerings has closed. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the New Sylvan Project, please email Meghan Huber.

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On January 14, the Citrus Heights City Council approved a purchase and sale agreement to sell the City-owned 11.34-acre property near Sylvan Corners to Woodside Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the Western U.S. The vote to approve the agreement came after a staff presentation on the New Sylvan project, including the Offering Memorandum outreach and response, a fiscal and benefit analysis, and an introduction to the Woodside Homes developer. To view a copy of the presentation, click here.

Woodside Homes’ potential plan for the site includes 93 single-family, detached for-sale homes, including bungalow and cottage lots. The presentation Thursday evening highlighted the project’s potential to provide walkability to nearby retail and schools, and attract new families to the established corridor. Staff noted that attracting new families will help support the existing commercial area. “While achieving a financially feasible project is a metric of success, more importantly this development will generate economic impact, support the local retail trade area, and ensure neighborhood vitality” said Meghan Huber, Economic Development & Communications Manager. 

The project is required to go through the City’s normal development review process, including public hearings at the Planning Commission and City Council. Woodside Homes will work with the City on project review and approval, including obtaining all necessary entitlements and ongoing communication with the community.

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New Sylvan: Where Our Solid Roots Meet New Growth

A key factor in helping guide the development of the New Sylvan property is having a framework in place which helps guide decisions.  

To help keep the City’s long-term vision in focus, a series of goal statements have been developed to support the City’s strategic, long-term goals. These planning goals will provide the public and development community with the visioning framework outlined by the City when considering development opportunities. When envisioning New Sylvan, the Planning Goals outline concept goals, design goals, land use goals, and financial goals to evaluate future proposals.

By creating these Planning Goals, future developers are provided the City’s clear, yet flexible vision for the site. This unique opportunity for development remains pivotal for New Sylvan.  

Planning Goals

Concept Goals

The Sylvan 40 property is a place of cultural and social significance for Citrus Heights. The development of the property shall meet the following concept goals.

  • Represent the City’s continued commitment to reinvest in Sylvan Corners and Auburn Boulevard.
  • Support uses compatible with surrounding land uses without detracting from the nearby Stock Ranch retail center.
  • Enhance Sylvan Corners as the geographical center of the City and reestablish the area as a cultural and social hub.

Design Goals

The Sylvan 40 property is a gateway to the Boulevard and its future development will serve as a catalyst for continued revitalization of the area. Development of the property shall meet the following design goals.

  • Activate the area by fronting all building, including residential units, outward toward Sylvan Plaza and Auburn Boulevard frontage.
  • Include enhanced pedestrian connections to connect the property to nearby businesses, Sylvan Plaza, and the adjoining school.
  • Provide well-designed parking and service areas to screen these areas from Auburn Boulevard and Sylvan Plaza.
  • Incorporate Sylvan Plaza into the project design.

Land Use Goals

The Sylvan 40 property is essential to the continued improvement of the Boulevard. The property may be developed with a variety of land uses which complement the area and the surroundings. Proposed use(s) shall consider the following overall land use goals.

  • Consider the property’s adjacency to the school and the cemetery.
  • Encourage commercial uses such as cafes with outdoor dining, offices which incorporate outdoor areas and other similar uses that will connect to the public spaces. Prohibit automotive intensive uses such as gas stations and drive-thru’s.
  • Housing types may consist of for-sale and rental units, be a mixed-use concept, or designed for specific needs such as work-force housing, teacher housing or similar product type.

Financial Goals

The City purchased the Sylvan 40 property to play an active role in its future development. The City has long recognized Sylvan Corners as a pivotal piece to attracting private investment in the area. The following is the City’s key financial goal when considering development of the property.

  • The development shall be financially feasible and provide long-term fiscal benefits to the City.

New Sylvan project timeline

September 2019
City finalizes purchase of former Sylvan Middle School property
January 2020
City released draft planning goals for community input
March 12, 2020
City finalizes planning goals and next steps at City Council meeting
April - June 2020
City and RSG (Consultant) create draft Offering Memorandum
July 8, 2020
Offering Memorandum released to public with 120 day listing period
October 2020
End of 120 day listing period for developer offerings
Winter 2020
Review period for development offerings
January 2021
City Council review developer offerings
January 2021
Woodside Homes begins City project development process